According to the Law No. 5346 on the Use of Renewable Energy Resources for the Purpose of Generating Electrical Energy; In addition to organic wastes, they are resources obtained from agricultural and forestry products and by-products resulting from the processing of these products, including vegetable oil wastes, animal wastes, agricultural harvest wastes.


It is the process of breaking down animal wastes in an oxygen-free environment (anaerobic fermentation).

Biogas recovery in Biogas Plants, electrical and heat energy recovery, Organic fertilizer, Odor and pathogen removal in waste (up to 80% odor removal), Environmental benefits (reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction of fossil fuels, etc.).

As Armatec; We carry out the collection of organic wastes generated in animal waste producing enterprises in provinces and districts, generation of electricity from solid-liquid fertilizers and biogas, construction and operation of facilities (reactors) required for their disposal.


It is the process of breaking down and degrading domestic organic wastes in an oxygen-free environment (anaerobic fermentation) by keeping them in mesophilic environment for 21 days in specially made rectangular / garage type fermentors. As a result of this process, electrical-heat energy and compost fertilizer are obtained.
As Armatec; We are producing compost and electricity from organic wastes of domestic waste, designing, constructing and operating the facilities required for their disposal (dry fermentation tunnels).


It is the process of converting combustible wastes to an inert residue (ash, slag) and energy recovery is provided. Waste can be directly burned or pre-treated in order to increase its thermal value and provide more effective process control in the incinerator. Pre-treated waste can be incinerated in heat recovery incinerators with other fuels (eg coal).
As Armatec, we are producing electricity from organic and combustible wastes with suitable calorific value, and designing, constructing and operating the facilities required for their disposal.


Pyrolysis: It is burning in an oxygen-free environment. Pyrolysis process products can be solid, liquid and gas. In practice, heat energy is transferred to an organic waste from outside.
Gasification: In gasification, a limited amount of oxygen is given to the system, and with the oxidation that occurs as a result, the system generates enough heat to maintain its own continuity.
As Armatec, we produce biocar and electricity from organic wastes (domestic garbage, chicken waste, greenhouse waste, forest waste, etc.), design, construct and operate the facilities required for their disposal.

Mechanical Separation

Domestic wastes collected from the city pass through after being separated in a mechanical sorting facility. The waste is passed through a drum sieve and separated into packaging wastes, organic wastes and other wastes according to their dimensions.
Packaging wastes are separated into paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass with the help of ballistic separators, optics and disc screens. The wastes separated in the mechanical separation unit provide raw materials to the recycling industry.
It is obtained to be used as soil improvement compost as well as organic waste directed to the biomethanization unit.
As Armatec, we carry out the projecting, construction and operation of this whole process.

Compost and Fertilizer

Composting is the process of transforming plant and animal wastes into organic fertilizers by means of microorganisms in humid, aerobic or anaerobic conditions, and the soil improvement substance produced by separating organic-based vegetable and animal solid wastes in an oxygenated or non-oxygen environment is called compost.
As Armatec; We realize compost & fertilizer formation and processing in the facilities we have designed and built.